Sudden malfunction (IIS 7; win10) RRS feed

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  • All of a sudden my webserver (IIs 7 running on a win10 computer) stopped functioning. Yesterday, July 15th, it started to fail https requests. Today it refuses to serve each and any request.
    Trouble started yesterday with the renewal of my SSL certificate. It had always been flawlessly taken care of by Task Scheduler and the WACS utility updating certificates from "Let's Encrypt". But now, after the last update July 15th, my site suddenly failed https requests.
    IIS-Manager shows that the new certificate from "Let's Encrypt", valid till October, is installed and I don't see any errors.
    Today, the 16th, matters got worse: my site fails ALL requests, even for applications not requiring SSL. When I type in an addres like "www.MyDomain/AppName" I get the message "The requested URL xxx was not found on this server".

    This total shutdown of my site appears out of the blue, without making ANY changes to server beyond the regular Win10  updates.
    Some further observations:
    - The ONLY updates I allow for this server are updates of Win10. The latest is from yesterday night. My website stopped working - might there be a connection?
    - So far, I had only some applications working with SSL; the bulk did happily without. Since today all request are redirected toward https. I've no idea why.
    - When I ignore all warnings and and still want to visit my site, I see nothing beyond a default service page; the content, which resides in a number of 'applications', remains incaccessable.
    Thursday, July 16, 2020 6:00 PM