Setup fatal error: Unable to generate installation log files in Windows 7.


  • We are developing a software using VB 6.0, creating packages with Package and Deployment Wizard and sending the Setup.exe files to our clients.
    One of our clients is having a problem in installing our software in WINDOWS 7 operating system.  They are getting the following error while clicking the setup.exe file "SETUP FATAL ERROR: UNABLE TO GENERATE INSTALLATION LOG FILES". 

    Kindly help us to solve this problem.  An early response will be highly appreciated.

    With best regards


    10. dubna 2012 8:12


  • The most likely explanation is that they need to explicitly run the exe as Administrator.  Ok, they'll say they are already administrators, but ever since Vista administrators don't run with administrator privilege unless they explicitly elevate with something like Run as Administrator.

    Phil Wilson

    10. dubna 2012 18:57