How to Deploy VB.Net application?


  • Hi guys,

    I Googled my problem but couldn't get exactly what i want. My problem's here:

    I finished developing my VB.NET project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

    I use MySQL Server 5.0 for the database and MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.9 to communicate.

    I also have crystal reports in the project.

    I want to deploy my application; the program itself, MySQL database (it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data\sisdb) , MySQL Connector/NET, crystal report and redistributable .NET framework in a .exe/.msi setup file.

    It doesn't matter SINGLE or MULTIPLE .exe/.msi setup(s) all i want to is to have the simple installation process in any target machine.

    I'll roll on the floor thanking you for your help as i will always will.

    I want you to pardon my too many redundant "i" :)

    Cheers >>>
    08/رمضان/1431 03:28 م


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