Filters in query result web part


  • We have a team project portal based on MSF for Agile V5.0.

    In that portal, I have added a query result web part displaying all the work item of type "Bug". That list has hundreds of work-items now.

    There is no option for filtering the data in it.

    How can we add a custom filter for the list? (for example: Filter based on column "Status")


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  • The query result web part can take two types of query:

    1. Server Query
    2. Custom Query

    So you can use Team Explorer and create the queries that you want to use to show a specific subset of the bugs


    you can use the custom query to specify the same query but then in the web part.

    If your question is if there is a extra filter in the web part toolbar to filter the query in addition to the query itself the answer is no.

    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. --- Success, Damir

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