How to create a local symlink using .tpattributes


  • We are migrating from SVN to TFS and we have lots of symlinks in SVN. As TFS doesn't support symlinks we are using .tpattributes to create symlinks. The problem that we have here is that we need local symlinks, not symlinks which are absolute to the source path.

    I have two files, A, B both of them are checked into source control. Lets say they are under /trunk/src/lib

    When i use .tpattributes and specify A:link=B, symlink gets created as

    A -> /trunk/src/lib/B.

    Instead i need a symlink which will be created like A->B, so i tried using local-link in .tpattributes like A:local-link=B, but for some reason the symlink doesn't get created. How can a create a symlink which will like A->B using .tpattributes

    Thanks, --Kuldeep
    13 มกราคม 2555 21:19