Fail to connect to using LightSwitch 2011 trial with TFS integration add-on.


  • Hi guys

    I'm trying to conenct to the service using LightSwitch 2011 trial. The TFS Add-on is installed and the "Connect to TFS" window works as designed.

    - It connects to my TFS11beta server here at home just fine.

    - Using VS11beta SHELL connects to the service.

    The following error message is displayed when trying to connect to the service.

    Team Foundation services are not available from server Technical information (for administrator): HTTP code 203: Non-Authoritative Information
    <OK> <HELP>

    Can anyone explain why this happen and what the workaround/solution is?

    Thank you.

    22 มีนาคม 2555 20:15


  • Yes it is registered - "- Using VS11beta SHELL connects to the service."

    After further testing using Visual Studio 2010 Premium at work I managed to connect and create my LightSwitch 2011 project on TFSPreview.

    This means that LightSwitch 2011 standalone using the TFS integration Add-on has a problem connecting to TFSPreview.

    If you're developing something, you want someone like me to break it and to let you know about it...

    EDIT - 10/04/2012 : Solution

    " need to download the compatibility GDR that we released that allows clients prior to TFS11 to connect to TFSPreview.  You can download the GDR here ( and after installing, you should be able to connect to local TFS servers and"

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    • แก้ไขโดย Nicolaas Kotze 10 เมษายน 2555 12:01 Provided link to solution
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