Not getting why not to use WCF


  • Hi,

    Currently we are planning to build a website.

    As per my experience and knowledge that possess, an ideal solution will be 3 tier architecture.

    UI <--> BAL <--> DAL

    Where UI shall interact with WCF. WCF with Business logic and BAL with DAL.

    But in the brain storming session, my seniors have suggested not to use WCF. Instead of WCF they are emphasizing on using a controller class(As we have in MVC).

    But I am not getting why not to use WCF.

    However, as per the requirement, we are not required to expose services. In case we are required then we can plug in the WCF by removing the controller class.

    On the other hand.. what I believe is.. we should work on WCF instead of controller class and if required to expose services we don have to rework.

    Pls suggest, whether I am on right track of thinking?


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  • Hello, if all you need is a 3 tire architecture, there's indeed no need for WCF. WCF is usually used in SOA, not N-tire architecture. Architecture is a very large topic. You can begin from to learn SOA.

    By the way, actually MVC controller can be used to implement a REST service, just like WCF can be used to implement a SOAP service. In the past, you also use WCF to build REST services, but the decition has been made to unify WCF and ASP.NET (after all, we only need one .NET platform), so future REST services will be implemented using ASP.NET MVC. Refer to for more information. Again, you need to first decide your architecture. If you simply need a 3 tire architecture, then you don't need to care much about REST stuff. In the future, if you need to adopt SOA, you can modify the MVC controller to make it a real service instead of just a controller.

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