Command Bubble up Issue


  • Hi,

    I am working on an application where I have to create short cut for Adding a record. So I have created a command and then associated with command as below



    Add = new RoutedCommand("Add", typeof(ViewCommands));
    new CommandBinding(FPSRecordViewCommands.Add, ViewCommands.ExecutedAddRecordCommand, CanExecuteAddCommand));
    Add.InputGestures.Add(new KeyGesture(Key.A, ModifierKeys.Control));

    The problem what I am facing is Ctrl + A has different meaning in text box. It has meaning to select text. So my Add command is not executing when focus is within text box. I appreciate if some one tell me how to handle this without subscribing to KeyUp or KeyDown of TextBox. I have some more short cuts which I want to override globally.