options (sync/bridge/etc) for using/testing TFS11 local workspaces with a TFS2010 server?


  • Is there any option (not necessarily in-the-box) for teams that want/need to keep their 'main' TFS as 2010 SP1 but want to test out the local workspaces in TFS11?   I'm assuming it's a feature that needs server support so a TFS 11 Beta client can't use local workspaces with a TFS 2010 SP1 server.

    While a 2-way sync between TFS 2010 SP1 and TFS 11 Beta would be ideal (at least in terms of syncing the version control, even if it couldn't sync work items et al), I would imagine that doesn't exist (although I'd be happy to find out otherwise! :)

    This leaves either doing syncs manually or going through an intermediate (for instance, like using git-tfs between both) AFAICT?  Could also hook up to the checkin event programmatically?

    Is anyone already doing this?

    9 martie 2012 16:48


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