Adding a prefix to data entered during a test recorded in Test Manager


  • I've recorded a test using Test Manager, and then created a coded UI test in VS2010.  What I am trying to do is to append a prefix to the begining of the recorded data to get past test run failure do to data already existing.I have 30 or so product types that need to be created during each test run.

    For example:

    In my test, I entered the value "Power Only" in the product name field.  Because each "product name" must be unique, I want to append a value to the beginning of the value I recorded, such as "v1.0.3+rev.3095-TR1" (version+build+testrun number). 

    I also want to be able to easily change the value to append as needed and thought that if it could be changed manually in one place of the test code, prior to each test run, it would be easy to maintain. 


    K Riehl

    Ken Riehl

    15 august 2012 15:23


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