My ActiveX Control not picking up CRT that I bundle with my application.


  • I have developed browser plugin in IE, this is an ActiveX control, this ActiveX control is packaged with a number of other third party DLL’s that it loads.  Each of these DLL’s loads the CRT (C Runtime) DLLs dynamically (this has to be dynamic)  here are the files msvcp90.dll, msvcr90.dll.     This all works fine if I bundle the MS redistributables or a merge module with my Install Shield installer,  BUT I do not want to do this as I want NON administrator users to be able to install my browser control.   BUT to install the redistributables you seem to need to be an administrator.   So I tried packaging an external manifest also known as a private manifest and the CRT  Dll’s with my application files in the same folder.  But this does not seem to have any affect when my application is loaded by Internet Explorer.   So any idea how I can get my application to work without installing it as an administrator.   Thanks EM.

    6 martie 2012 10:54

Toate mesajele

  • Why not statically link your ActiveX control so that it has no dependencies on the C++ runtime?
    6 martie 2012 16:33
  • My ActiveX control loads a number of third party DLL's that are bundled with my application, these other DLL's load the CRT dynamically, thus I assumed I needed to do likewise with my ActiveX control,  is this correct?    Or can you mix CRT loading like this.  I was also under the impression that loading the CRT dynamically was recommended.


    6 martie 2012 22:25
  • I thing you have to install the CRT. Or can you contact with the vendor of DLL

    7 martie 2012 07:42