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    For general C++ questions or general development questions (unrelated to Microsoft implementation issues or features), please use your favorite general C++ or development forums or newsgroups.

    For questions specifically about the C++ language, please use the Visual C++ language forum:

    For questions about other parts of Visual Studio, please use the appropriate forum in the list here:

    For questions about Win32 programming, previous releases of Visual C++ and Visual Studio, please use the MSDN newsgroups that are all linked off:

    Since the content of this forum is part of the online documentation, it will increase the usefulness significantly if all questions in this forum are directly relevant. So the forum moderators will be moving posts (to the other web forums) or deleting posts (in which case we will try to provide a direct link to where the question should be directed) to keep this forum on topic.


    Ronald Laeremans
    Group Program Manager
    Visual C++ team
    quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2005 22:10