Linking Work Items imported from Other Sources via Script


  • We are in the process for migrating a large amount of requirements from IBM ReqPro to TFS.  As a part of this work, we've exported the list and are importing them into TFS. No problem.

    The challenge which we are facing is to maintain the linkages between these items.  We've exported lists that allow us to trace the link from Use Case 1 to Requirement 25 to Requirement 25.1 to Derived Requirement 367 (for example).  These are not all parent-child relationships.  Use Cases may have a parent-child relationship to decendent use cases.  But a Requirement will be related to numerous use cases.  We can import the parent-child relationships.  But we cannot import the other relationships.

    I'm looking for the best way to take the list of relationships which I have in comma-delimited formats, and apply those links to the work items we've now imported.  For instance, I might have a list that looks like:





    One thought is to write SQL to apply the mapping directly into the TFS database.  I know that's not preferrable or recommended.

    Is there another way to accomplish this?  I suspect I can probably write some script in C# and use the TFS extensibility objects to accomplish this, but could use a litle help and guidance on heading in the right direction.


    2012년 4월 9일 월요일 오전 3:19