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  • Hello,

    I posted my question in the German forum earlier this yearbut unfortunately not received any solution.

    I have a Win7 64bit with TFS 2010 in my apartment near the universityFrom home I cansuccessfully connect via VPN and then use the TFS "remote".

    Now, however, I have a university project with multiple team members and would like toallow them access to my TFSbut not via VPN.

    The TFS is running with me are on port 9090 and my firewall and open firewall for this portFor testing, I've also opened the default website (port 9000).

    The connection seems to work via DynDNSI am prompted to enter my credentialsI am giving this one and then confirm, opens the password entry form againWithout an errorI can not type what I want and as often as I wantit will appear again and again thepassword entry form.

    On the internet I've read that I need to enable basic authenticationHowever, this has not brought success.

    UPDATE: Via Visual Studio Connect to Team Collection I get error after password entry form: TF31003. I'm Admin on this Mashine and my account is bind to application tier in team foundation server console.

    Can someone help me here?

    Best regards,
    Matthias Meyer

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