Creating a a report to mimic viewing test plan results in MTM


  • I am trying to create a report that will basically mimic viewing test plan/suite results in MTM:

    • Show the test suites in their hierarchy
    • Show the test cases under each suite grouped by latest result
    • Show roll ups at each node in the hierarchy
    • Show the test results for different configurations (we often have this setup differently per suite)
    • Show for each test result: Test case id, title, result, configuration, tester, build number, result date

    I've made a couple of tries at this with both the Cube using Excel, and writing my own against the warehouse but I seem to get close but have issues with some results not showing or too many results showing.

    Has anyone created a similar report I could start from?

    Tommy Norman
    2011년 11월 16일 수요일 오후 2:17

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