MTM showing Test Controller as Offline when using Cross Domain configuration.


  • Hi,

    We have two different domains and our requirement was to setup TFS in a manner so that TFS Server is able to connect to the system in two different domain. There is no two way trust between the two domains. So we used cross domain setup of TFS using user mirroring. The setup was successful but the TFS Controller is getting displayed as "Offline" in MTM.

    I have setup TFS Server, Test Controller and Test Agent in the following manner.

    System A(Windows Server 2008): TFS Server 2010. On Domain: XYZ

    System B(Windows XP): TFS Controller :On Domain: ABC . Connected to TFS by mirroring user info. Same user on System A and System B.

    System C, D, E: (Windows XP): TFS Agent. On Domain: ABC.

    Since system B, C, D, E are on the same domain, so I used domain users for authenticating the connection between TFS Controller and TFS Agents.

    MY TFS is working fine, controller is registered to the team project and TFS server and the test agents are also registered with the Test Controller.

    When I am opening MTM on System B(TFS Controller), then the controller is "Online" and I am able to access all the systems registered with the controller but when I am opening MTM from any other system(System C, System D, System D or other) then the controller is getting displayed in "offline" mode.

    Please suggest what step should i take to make the test controller on others machines in MTM.

    2012年2月28日 8:04