Can I customize TFS Build Status Report alert email content?


  • Hi there,

    1) I get alert when a TFS build defintion is executed with a standard template of the email content. can we customize the email content to include build, deployment and test result summary status?

    2) When I click on the link from the alert (e.g. <a href="http://<      >/tfs/web/build.aspx?pcguid=bee98adc-9914-4cc5-a77d-d5ce112a6814&builduri=vstfs:///Build/Build/2396">http://<      >/tfs/web/build.aspx?pcguid=bee98adc-9914-4cc5-a77d-d5ce112a6814&builduri=vstfs:///Build/Build/2396  ), it opens up in IE browser, however, I am unable to view anything in the summary log. How can I view test result summary (e.g. test cases total, passed, failed, incoclusive etc) ?



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