Custom reports in process template

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    When we configured Reporting Service for TFS 2010, there will have two default TFS 2010 data source, Tfs2010OlapReportDS(connecting to Tfs_Analysis database) and Tfs2010ReportDS(connecting to Tfs_Warehouse database). We can view these two default data source in http://servername/reports

    Do you mean that you created the Model data source in your Reporting Service(http://servername/reports)? How did you create the “\Model” data source? How to new data source, please refer to this article:,bc1RsVg9,w.

    The Name is the data source which you created in your Reporting Service, in your case, the Name should is /Model if you created the Model data source in your Reporting Service, the DS Name is
    the data source name which you defined in your report file. For how to customizing Reports for TFS 2010, please refer to the detailed information in this MSDN document:     

    John Qiao [MSFT]
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    28 Februari 2012 6:15