BuildCompletionEvent2 is not sent to subscriber for single project


  • Hi all.

    I have strange behavior of TFS 2010 and would be grateful for any help.

    Like many other developers I have build customization implemented using SOAP subscription for build events.

    The problem it's not working for a single project within one project collection. The subscription currently include two projects using filter. First one receives SOAP notifications, second is not.

    Logging shows the service is not called at all for a second project. No web method invocation are logged.

    Querying tbl_JobHistory where JobId = 'A4804DCF-4BB6-4109-B61C-E59C2E8A9FF7' returns nothing while NotificationJobLogLevel\ is 2.

    I used SQL profiler on the TFS db and see a call to prc_FireEvents for both BuildCompletionEvent and BuildCompletionEvent2 for second project at the end of the build.

    BuildCompletionEvent cause email notification to be delivered for all projects. BuildCompletionEvent2 lost in vain for second project .

    What could possible cause such behavior? How the second project could be that different? What else could I check out to continue this investigation?

    30 Maret 2012 11:32

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  • Hello NonExisto,

    Could you please offer me more information about how do you set up the subscription? If you are using BisSubscribe command, it is better if you can offer me the command you are using on your side.


    Vicky Song [MSFT]
    MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us

    03 April 2012 5:07
  • Hello Vicky

    I use VS TFS extensions to subscribe this event. Alerts Explorer as far as I remember. I test those subscription using db query and TFS API, they are updating fine.

    I set web service address, event type as BuildCompletionEvent2 and filter expression to pass event just for two project right now. I use OR operand to combine two project names. Both projects were selected from drop down list if that what you mean.

    Update: I have interesting but rather disappointing news regarding this matter.

    It appears one of the few dozen of build notification for second project make it. Too bad the service returns an exception for that.

    04 April 2012 6:10