TFS source control integration with TIBCO products


  • Hello,

    Just wondering if anyone out there has had experience working with TIBCO products using TFS 2010 as source control. In particular products TIBCO Business Works and TIBCO BPM.

    The BPM software is an eclipse based platform so i've tried the everywhere plugin but the integration is non seamless in that there are lots of files to exclude, locking on checkout issues.

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully used TIBCO products (JAVA) with TFS.


    יום רביעי 27 יולי 2011 13:00

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  • No, or at least not yet with success

    יום שישי 04 אפריל 2014 09:42
  • Hi,

    Any specific issues that you are asking about? I would be happy to help you with any issues that you noticed



    יום שני 07 אפריל 2014 15:23
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  • I know this is an old post, but I decided to reply anyway.

    I have successfully used the Codeplex TIBCO TFS Adapter. You still need to install Team Explorer 2010 and then set up your adapter in BW Designer. You also have to be careful with your source control mappings since unlike a traditional .NET csproj, the project name comes from the containing folder.

    You can also automate builds in TFS by creating a simple MSBuild .proj file with an Exec task in the Build target, but that is beyond the scope of the question. 

    יום שלישי 02 יוני 2015 19:34
  • Hi James,

    Could you please elaborate on setting up the TIBCO TFS Adapter. What are the different steps involved?



    יום שלישי 23 מאי 2017 10:54
  • I point you to the directions on the CodePlex site.

    It is important to note that you need the TFS2010 Team Explorer installed.

    That said, most of the developers have instead checked out the files directly from Team Explorer.

    I wish I could have provided some more stunning insight, but the truth is that the adapter received only lukewarm reception.

    יום שלישי 23 מאי 2017 15:58