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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a simple Word add-in and stuck on this problem for several days. I wonder know if someone on this forum could help me on this. Here is the problem:

    I have already done a lot of research on this, here is the document I refer to first: 

    This document seems to provide a doable approach to retrieve content preview image of an Office document. I used the VB code of it to build an assembly and add reference to it in my VSTO solution, but it doesn't work. The assembly only works for image and video files, my environment is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Office 2010 32-bit and both are updated if you ask.

    Then turned to this thread:, where I began to think if I could work it out by using these assemblies: Unfortunately, this doesn't work again. The methods provided within these assemblies could only retrieve preview thumbnail of image and video files or ICONs of Office document instead of content preview.

    So now I doubt if there is an approach really work on it that retrieving a preview image of first page without opening a document.


    יום שישי 04 מאי 2012 09:23


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