Using mstest to collect Test Impact data


  • I have two questions:

    My department is using VS2010 Premium to run automated integration tests (lists of generic tests) for the purpose of using TIA to determine which automated tests need to be run when changes are made to source code.  When running these tests using the VS IDE, test impact files (testimpact.xml) are generated for all tests  that pass and a signature data file (testimpactdata.sdf) for the solution is updated.  When we run the same tests using "mstest.exe", the test impact files are created for the tests that pass but the signature data file is not updated.  It is my understanding that the signature data file contains the collected test impact data.  Why is this signature data file not updated when running the same tests using "mstest.exe"?  Note: we specify a test metadata (/testmetada:<name>.vsmdi) file that contains a "runconfiguration" reference to the "testsettings" file.  So we don't use the /testsettings options.  Although we have tried using the /testsettings option with the same result.

    Our suite of automated tests takes 5 hours to run.  So they run at night.  Our developers want to reference the test impact data that is collected at night on the test computer.  I performed some testing using test controllers and test agents.  It seems we can configure remote test settings in our development solution to point to a remote test controller.  However running test using this configuration I noticed that the testimpactdata.sdf file was updated in the local solution and did not reside on the test controller computor.  I was thinking that the test impact data collected for the tests that ran on the remote test controller would reside on the remote test controller and could be referenced by all developers in their local solution, or at least, copy the "testimpactdata.sdf" file from the solution on the test cotroller to their local solution.  Can you explain how local solutions can use the test impact data collected on remote test controllers? 

    mardi 16 novembre 2010 20:49

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