Guidance on creating Regression Test Plans from Iteration Test Plans


  • We are struggling with the best way to get re-use out of written test cases.  Currently we are running two week sprints.  For each sprint we create a Sprint Test Plan and add the requirements for the User Stories assigned to the sprint.  The team then creates the test cases for the user story.  Since the functional area will be developed over the course of multiple sprints, we want to also create a regression test plan for the area using the test cases that have already been created.  It seems like there are lots of ways to do it and some have an impact on the out of the box reporting (Story Overview).  Is it best to just link all the user stories developed in the sprints to the regression test plan or is it best to create suites that have just the test cases linked or finally is it best to copy the test cases so they get new ids?  Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Tricia

    martes, 28 de febrero de 2012 20:58


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