How to call a basic C# DLL


  • I am experimenting with a few ways of doing things and have seen that if I have routines that are used in multiple projects, then I can create that code in a DLL & call it from those different projects thereby removing the need for repeating code.

    I've started off by just creating a small program that will tell me what version of Windows I am running, but in this case I don't need to pass anything to the DLL, I just want to call it and read the results ... how do I do this ?!?

    This is my code and I think it will work, but I have written it to accept data & obviously I don't actually need to supply any parameters, what do I need to do ? Sorry, I am new to C# and am having real trouble getting my head around the terminology, let alone the logic !!!

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    namespace MyWindowsVersion
        public class WindowsVersion
            public static string myNull(string myOSver)
                String myStr = Environment.OSVersion.Version.ToString();
                int myOSver1 = int.Parse(myStr.Substring(0,1));
                int myOSver3 = int.Parse(myStr.Substring(0,3));
                if (myOSver1 < 5)
                    myOSver = "Windows version prior to XP";
                else if (myOSver3 < 5.1)
                    myOSver = "Windows version prior to XP";
                else if (myOSver3 < 6.0)
                    myOSver = "Windows XP";
                else if (myOSver3 < 6.1)
                    myOSver = "Windows Vista";
                else if (myOSver3 == 6.1)
                    myOSver = "Windows 7";
                else myOSver = "Windows Unknown Version";
                return (myOSver);

    As you can see, I don't know how to write it so that it isn't expecting a parameter, so I've assigned the string to be returned in the "Public Static" line, is that the way around this ?

    However, I am having trouble picking it up in the main program, I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I've tried to do the same as the MSDN example at but when I code ...

    String myWinVer = MyWindowsVersion.WindowsVersion("x");

    ... I get an error "'MyWindowsVersion.WindowsVersion' is a 'type', which is not valid in the given context" ... What does this mean ?!?!?

    Thanks in advance for your help ...

    miércoles, 04 de abril de 2012 19:55


  • Perhaps you meant:

    string myWinVer = MyWindowsVersion.WindowsVersion.myNull("x");

    if you don't want to have to pass in the dummy string then change:

    public static string myNull(string myOSver)


    public static string myNull()
    and change the internal references to myOSver to something that has local scope.

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    miércoles, 04 de abril de 2012 20:25