Publish to Azure: Stuck at Initialisation


  • Dear all,

    My application is stuck at Initialisation after publishing to Azure.  It worked yesterday after I published, but today it does not.  Is there anyway to debug this?  Anyway to use Intellitrace with a Lightswitch application?

    Many thanks.

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    jueves, 03 de mayo de 2012 3:04


  • Hi Dino,

    Thanks for the response.  I've seen both the links you sent and the changes I made to the application before it happened was very minor, and should not have caused this problem.

    In the end, it was not a problem on my side.  I had to call up the Windows Azure Support Line and raised a support ticket.  Thanks to the support team, the issue was solved within a day.  It turned out that a HotFix was being deployed on the Azure side at the same time while I was deploying my application, which screwed up all my subsequent deployments.  Talk about coincidences...

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