Stuck when building/debugging RRS feed

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  • Hi, I am new to this. After installed everything and opened a blank JS CordovaApp , I clicked the Ripple – Nexus debug button, and here is the output.

    1> ------ Name from source package.json: vs-tac 1> ------ Version from source package.json: 1.0.42 1> ------ Current package installation is corrupted. Will cleanup and do a fresh installation. 1> unbuild vs-tac@1.0.42 1> ------ Installing globally from source package. This could take a few minutes... 1> Each package is licensed to you by its owner. Microsoft is not responsible for, nor does it grant any licenses to, third-party packages. Some packages may include dependencies which are governed by additional licenses. Follow the package source (feed) URL to determine any dependencies. 1> npm WARN deprecated node-uuid@1.4.7: use uuid module instead 1> > edge-cs@0.3.0 install C:\Users\shibi\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\vs-tac\node_modules\edge\node_modules\edge-cs 1> > node tools/install.js 1> > edge@5.0.0 install C:\Users\shibi\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\vs-tac\node_modules\edge 1> > node tools/install.js 1> Success: platform check for edge.js: node.js ia32 v0.12.2

    No simulator window pops out, the status bar shows “Ready” and the building icon (an arrow falls into a box).

    When I tried to close the VS2015 window, a warning shows "The build must be stopped before the solution can be closed." Clearly the debug is on going, so I clicked "cancel" in the Build menu, then the output shows "Canceling, waiting for the Cordova tool installation to complete" (Not the exact words, but the brief meaning). Then I wait for 6 hours, and nothing happend. So I terminated the process, I think it was called "Building32.exe", output shows "Build has been cancelled

    During the installation of both VS2015 and Cordova module, there were a few errors, some components seem not been installed correctly, but I could not identify where the problem is.

    Please, any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you.

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    Sunday, December 4, 2016 2:07 PM

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  • Hi,

    From the log, Tools for apache cordova was installing some dependency packages. It could take a little longer than expected(depending on your network). 

    Could you please try again, but this time wait for a few minutes for the package installing. 

    let me know, if VS still hangs.

    Best Regards,

    Elvis Xia

    Monday, December 5, 2016 12:37 PM