Need Suggestion on Code Signing Certificate


  • HI All,

    I need your suggestion for one matter.

    I am having an XBAP application. For its deployment I have created Code Signing certificate from my Hosting Server. But for that I need to install CA certificates
    (*.cer file) for the recognition of that server as Third party Trusted CA and then Code Signing Certificate (*.pfx file) to get the trust for my XBAP.

    Now I have convinced my company to buy a Code Signing Certificate from verisign to avoid any kind of certificate installation on client machine.

    My Question is,  If i purchase Code Signing Cert from Verisign or any other good CA provider, do i have to install them in to each and every client machine.

    This is XBAP, will execute in browser and so audience is large, so installing on each and every machine would be a big deal.

    Can you please suggest me?

    - Regards,
    Bhagyesh Joshi, India.
    Thursday, August 25, 2011 8:58 AM


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