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  • I have an old Project I've worked on a lot for years. So it's a 2012 Project running on VS 2012. I've also installed a MS SQL server version 2016 and 2012 express. I did finally figure out my issues with the 2016 instance of the server which was malfunctioning on it's own.

    Now I'm trying to repair the config file from my 2012 project to connect so that it will display the intrinsic data in the project as well as other issues when debugging since it errors out when trying to connect to a db.

    My original connection string in the project looks like this.
        <add name="_IntrinsicData" connectionString="Data Source=(LocalDB)\v11.0;AttachDbFilename=|ApplicationDatabasePath|;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" />

    I have tried several changes to the Security trying SSPI vs. True which I've read should actually be the same. The data source I've tried different names for the "server" in the space for "Data Source=" I've tried =MyComputerMachinesName\MyServersInstanceName; , I've Tried "Localhost\MyMyServersInstanceName" , I've tried "(LocalDB)\v13.0MyMyServersInstanceName

    None of those things fix the connection string although I notice that it's not "Server=" for this intrinsic server name it's "Data Source=" not sure if that's just a syntax thing for intrinsic databases I've pored over I'm just lost here I've navigated a lot of other things to setup my old project on this machine and I think this is the last hitch before I can start working on the data model again.

    I can provide the specific setup names for my server and machine if needed I know that SQL Management studio connects using the simple machine name \ server name and window credentials. That is a simple connection string but I can't get it to work form Lightswitch. I 'm not sure if that is because data source would be some thing in the project folder but it appear that the 
    AttachDbFilename=|ApplicationDatabasePath| would hold the intrinsic data and then load it to the data source or server via the connection string. Maybe I'm wrong about that.
    Tuesday, April 17, 2018 12:56 AM


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