Folder permission checkbox not being checked when folder permissions are changed RRS feed

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  • This is, admittedly kind of an obscure question, but maybe somebody has an answer.  I am modifying folder and file permissions using code similar to:



    Specifically, I am adding "Modify" privileges to the builtin users group.  I have no problems getting the folder permissions changed.  My only issue is that when I right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer and look at the folder permissions (under the "security" tab), the only checkbox that is marked is the "special permissions" checkbox.  If I click on the "advanced" button, I can see that modify privileges have actually been added.  Is there a way to make the check boxes appear on the main "Security" tab?  I suppose that changing the actual permissions is the most important thing, but when you look at the permissions, it's not immediately obvious that modify permissions have been added.  Thanks!


    PS - I only have this problem when adding permissions for a folder.  Modifying file permissions produces the expected result:  the "modify" checkbox is marked when modify privileges are added for that file.

    Monday, July 2, 2007 8:46 PM