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  • Hi, igot following message when i try to run the programm Bras 2. Before a crash (maybe an audio conflict) it works well. I also have reinstalled it. But the same message appears. Here is the message:

    Assertion failed

    Program: C:\program files\arturia\brass2\brass2.exe


    Line 3323


    For information on how your programm can cause an assertion failure see the Visual C++ documentations on assert

    (Press retry  to debug theapplication -Jit must be enabled)

    So i retry but nothing happend, i instlled C++ without any knowledge of programming. Ansd last but not least my engis isnt to good because i`m not native speaker.

    can you help?

    I already asked by arturia, they didn`t anwser.


    Sunday, December 19, 2010 7:18 AM


  • Hi Friedus,

    first of all: This is a forum covering c# topics. You try to debug a C++ application.

    I understood, that you installed a program "Bras 2" where you do not have any source code or debugging information (pdb files). I fear that you will not be able to debugg the application in a nice and good manner that way.

    And even if you start the debugger and you see exactly, what happened. YOu will see the content of InstrumentClass.cpp which will be cryptic for you, you will see an Assert Line which you do not understand, and you will have no idea, where the values come from and why "trumpet_n_tick" must be greater 0.

    Debugging is a tool for a developer to find / understand an error and to fix the error. But this is nothing you can do. Even if you see some kind of fix: You cannot apply it. (You need the project + source + build environment. Then you could fix the bug, recompile and you are done.)

    At least that is my view on this topic. Maybe i missunderstood you in which case I am sorry.

    With kind regards,


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