How to publish my Wcf WebService


  • Hi All!

    I am new to Wcf and trying to learn it with help from litterature and forums. I have created a simple Wcf-application from the template Wcf Service Application. When I run it the Wcf Test Client is shown and when invoking my method the result is correct.

    The next step is to deploy the WebService in IIS on an another computer. I've added an EndPoint i Web.config and opened the Publish Web dialogue. But I'm not sure what to choose and fill in to make the deployment as easy as possible. I would be glad to receive som hints e.g. how to check if the IIS installation is ready for Wcf. The Wcf publishing seems to be not as straightforward as for asmx where I just could copy my VS-project into the virtual directory on the WebServer.

    Could someone also tell me what the expected result of a successful publish should be?

    Thanks in advance! Göran

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 12:58 PM