Web Services using WCF and real time applications


  • Hi,

       I'm evaluating to what extent WCF/.NET might be fit to provide web service based SDK for our product.

    Could people give real life feedback about the performance and scalability of Microsoft .NET based web services technology in general ? Is there a fit between the web services model and the demanding real-time applications requiring heavy eventing loads like in case of telephony applications ? Will building such applications for example require an unreasonably large number of servers?

    Are there some real world well accepted examples of deployement of .NET based web services SDKs for real time applications(like telephony) requiring heavy asynchronous eventing traffic ? If yes,  what extent performance has been/was a concern or limitation or lead to serious extra expense due to computing power required (ie server count.)  ?

    Thanks in advance for feedback and regards


    Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:34 PM