Cannot Update/Create IRM (Infromation Rights Management) on library/file using REST Api RRS feed

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  • Hello. Can someone help ? :) Env: SharePointOnline

    I don't know why, but i can't to update/create IRM settings using RestApi. Is It only Read? 

    Response Code - returns me NoContent, but nothing changes in InformationRightsManagementSettings or EffectiveInformationRightsManagementSettings.

    post Syntax: _api/web/lists/getbyid(guid'ID')/items(ID) or  _api/web/lists/getbyid(guid'ID')/items(ID)/file/InformationRightsManagementFileSettings

    but when I try to use this POST syntax it returned me BadRequest  _api/web/lists/getbyid(guid'ID')/items(ID)/file/InformationRightsManagementSettings or  _api/web/lists/getbyid(guid'ID')/items(ID)/file/EffectiveInformationRightsManagementSettings....

    I can only Turn On IrmEnabled property..   

    Thank you ;) 

    Thursday, February 23, 2017 1:34 PM


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