Textblock, scroll and auto-sizing


  • hi, I just can't get this to work, and I am going crazy. Sad

    A large grid, with several rows. One row contains another grid with multiple GUI elements of various types. The ones in question - a stack panel containing a textblock with fixed text above a textblock with programatically set text that could be any length. The whole thing is set to be resizable - you resize the window and stuff gets bigger and smaller - so the size of almost everything is "auto". The auto-sizing works pretty much fine in most places through out the program, but for this textblock with variable data, it doesn't constrain itself to the available space, and instead just keeps running on down underneath things, or off the page or something.

    I don't want to set a fixed size and have this section of the page not resize at all, but I will have to if I can't get a way for this textblock to constrain itself to the theoretically available space (it's area in the stack panel, which should theoretically be constrained by the size of the row of the grid). I don't know if it is a problem with the stack panel or the text block. An image in another grid and a rectangle in this same row both change size with the resizing window perfectly. I also tried it in a dock panel. I also tried out some tests with a textbox and couldn't get it to work properly there either.

    Any help?
    Thursday, May 03, 2007 5:31 AM