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  • Recently, one of my VS solutions has gotten really slow to start-up and stop a debugging session.

    I can't say if it happened suddenly. I don't recall a particular instance when it started but it was definitely in the last week. Whereas before when I would click "Start Debugging" it would take 20, maybe 30 seconds until I can use the application. Now it takes at least 80-90 seconds. Even more odd (to me), is that quitting a debugging session (either by stopping it or closing from within the app) takes 60+ seconds whereas before it was usually just a few seconds. In addition, during the start-up and stop VS is not doing much. No activity in the output window, hard drive is barely working, but one of my CPU's is running 100%. Just building the project takes less than 20 seconds (depending on the last changes) and when starting a debugging session it's about a minute between the end of compiling and when the various symbols start to load.

    As mentioned it is just in this one solution. Is there a setting in VS that I might have inadvertently changed? What might be causing these delays?

    I can handle a longer time to start the debugger, but taking over a minute for VS to become responsive after stopping the debugging session doesn't seem right to me.

    Thanks for any help,


    Other info:
    - One WPF C# project in the solution
    - Using the entity framework.
    - Computer is a T9300 2.5Ghz with 4Gb ram laptop

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