MSChart CustomLabel Reference not holding RRS feed

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  • I'm designing an application using MSChart in Visual Studios C#.   I thought most objects were a reference and CustomLabel is class so it's also a reference type.  Weird thing happens though that is driving me nuts. 
    The steps I'm doing are as follow:
    I create a new custom label.
    I assign that custom label to a class (class.label = custom Label).
    I add the custom label to the Y Axis (chartArea.YAxis.CustomLabels.Add(class.label))
    I edit the custom label by using the class (class.label.text = "new text")
    The data in chartArea.YAxis.CustomLabels is unchanged.
    Does it copy the label instead when it's added to the Y Axis?  This is really driving me nuts.

    Saturday, May 26, 2018 12:47 AM

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