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  • When I am calling a process in C# 2008, some executables are located and executed instead of the executable I am tyring to run.
    Thus these old executables must still exist on my workstation since those paths look familar to me.
    Due to this fact, I have the following querstions to ask:
    1. What would cause these executables to still exist? In the application I am working on, what do I need to do to make certain more executables are not created?
    2. How do I locate the existing executables that are on my workstation?
    3. How do I remove (delete) these executables from running?
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  • Maybe I'm missing the whole point, but couldn't you just do a full disk search to find all the relevant .exe's you suspect are there? That obviously would address 2 and 3. 

    In reference to 1), are you generating the executables from within VS2008, or is what you're building in 2008 just referencing other separate execs?

    Are there any post-build scripts being run, or other automated build system brac-a-brak intervening at any point?

    It's hard to even parse out the exact problem though since it's very ambiguous the circumstances you are describing. 

    Can you clarify exactly what's being build in VS2008, what the intended output is and how that output is interacting with paths and/or other executables on your system?

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