In my C# app S, after 5 or 6 times retries, "stream != null" in "fclose.c" error showing on MS VC++ Debugging lib disappeard?


  • Dear all,

    I met one problem about Visual C++ debugger issue.

    1. In my main app S, the program A.exe (generated in debug mode) is called by pressing button B in app S. But after the button B was pressed, the app S returned the Debug assertion falied error "fclose.c, stream != null" on showing MS Visual C++ Debugging library. However, if I set the option to "retry" for 5 or 6 times, the program A.exe can be called with less oppurtunity of rising above error.

    2. Moreover, If I run app S in debug mode, the program A.exe can't be run without above problem. At least, before 12 times "retry" done.

    3. For the testing, I also create the other app M, where there is only one button to call the program A.exe. In its debug and release mode, the program A.exe can be called without any problem.

    4. I don't have the source code of program A.exe. Therefore, it is hard to trace the problem back when error was happening in the VC++ debug lib.

    But, according to 3, I think program A.exe is quite OKay, since app M never meets such problem. Moreover, I don't know why after 5 or 6 times retries, the problem will be eliminated in the app S release mode, other than debug mode.

    Is there anyone can help me a little bit about this problem? Or give some hints about where the potential problem is?

    Thanks in advance,



    Sunday, April 22, 2007 5:36 PM