TFS 2010 Task Burndown (Hours) Report on Share Point Portal Empty


  • I cannot get the Task Burndown report on the Share Point portal to populate. The other dashboards show data so I figure I have most things configured correctly - warehouse, analysis service. I tried manually refreshing the warehouse by following the instructions at:

    When I open the burndown chart in Excel nothing shows up in the date column even though I filter for the last month. For the other reports the date column also comes up blank but for the other reports data still comes back. Its as if the dates are there but just displaying. Anyway, If I add data by hand to the burndown pivot table then the chart comes to life so it just looks like the data is not getting populated. If I clear the date filter then I get some values for "Remaining Work" and "Completed Work" but they only appear below the 31 rows that actually are used to generate the report.

    I'm running TFS 2010, SQL RC 2, and the full Share Point server... any help is appreciated...

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