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  • As a user of VB6.0 I communicate between hardware (devices like digital voltmeter, scopes, temperature controllers, current sources, etc) and the PC via small VB6.0 prgrams.  Each hardware has its own program, and depending on the experimental configuration (devices) I can start each program to communicate.  The data collection, however, goes via DDE.  Measuring voltage versus temperature means starting 3 small programs, the T-controller (DDE-source), the voltmeter (another DDE source) and the data collect (& graphics) program (DDE client).  The client allows in this way to measure V(T), safes the data and can make graphs.  Simple and easy when using many different voltmeters, current sources etc ... in different varying configurations.  (By the way, the communication of the source (hardware) program goes via GPIB ususally, or RS232 or DLL for PCI cards). 
    Now the problem :  What about DDE in windows 7.0 ?  Which new version of VB to use in the future which allows DDE or something alike ?  How to communicate between different exe-files ?  I tried visual basic .NET, but, honest, this has nothing to do with VB besides the name ...
    Monday, January 18, 2010 1:38 PM