Link type extensibility possible?


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    I like to create a custom work item link type and wondered if anyone had any references to how to do this?  Using the API I want to create a custom work item and link it to a versioned item link type.  Well, it's this versioned item link type I'd like to recreated.  I'd liked to extend it for our own purposes.  So, when a user clicks on a my versioned link type they could get the option of compare to previous version for example.  I'd have to add a new dialogue box and menu buttons etc that VS would use.

    I found this that did what I want in 2005 tfs

    But it doesn't apply to tfs 2010.

    I can create the workitem and link to a versioned item fine.  Just need to extend what is there or create my own..



    Thursday, February 23, 2012 1:52 PM


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