MDI? Splitter? More Windows?


  • I have just started with WPF and want to learn it doing some simple applications with features that I will need later.

    What I will need for sure is something like Visual Studio IDE. That means something like more “windows” that user can drag and leave floating or stick them to any side of main window or any side of other window and so on...

    It seems that I will have to handle this somehow with my own system but as I have zero experience with WPF I want to ask some basic questions like:

    Is there any MDI or multi window application support in WPF?
    To have floating “windows” I need more Window instances?
    Only splitter that WPF has is GridSplitter?


    I tried to create 2 Windows and set Owner property of my second window to my main window. It was ok but for some reason in Alt-Tab list there where two thumbnail icons when focus was on main window and only one thumbnail when focus was on “owned” window. In taskbar where two tasks but when I minimized main window only one remained... maybe some small bug


    Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:32 AM

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