Confused regarding order of TFS migration\upgrade....


  • We have a TFS 2013 server (ServerA) in DomainA that we want to "migrate" to a TFS 2017 test server (ServerB) in DomainB.  (New domain, new hardware, new TFS version). Both servers will be running on the same network for a while

    Is this the proper order of the steps?

    1. Backup ServerA's databases and restore them to ServerB  (new hardware on new domain) 

    2. Install TFS 2017 bits on ServerB  and do a pre-production upgrade (version upgrade)

    3. Fix identity issues between domains

    or is this the proper order?

    4. Move ServerB into DomainA (so both servers are in the same domain)

    5. Backup ServerA's databases and restore them to ServerB.

    6. Make sure that SharePoint and Reporting services is working on ServerB

    7. Run the pre-production upgrade on ServerB to upgrade it to TFS 2017

    8. Add ServerB back to DomainB (need to patch identifies.)



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  • You can do it both ways. I've did it using method 1. But it can be more complex as there are more steps that can go wrong as you do migration, upgrade and domain change in the same block.

    Disclaimer. I don't have SharePoint integration, so there you have to Consult SharePoint documentation

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