VS 2012 test result management limit old results


  • Hi,

    What happened to the ability to manage the limit of old test results in VS 2012?  I have seen the other posts but they do not get to a solution to limit the old test results.  

    I only have anecdotal evidence on how the test engine is working. It appears if tests are successful the test engine will clean and remove the test results.  If a test execution fails the results are not deleted.  This is a problem when debugging using unit tests and the unit test folder is not maintained.

    When using Visual Studio 2010 we were able to limit the test results regardless of pass/fail status of the unit tests.

    With the introduction of SSD disk drives drive space is a premium and we need to have the test results managed.  Our unit tests use the deployment feature plus generate quite a bit of data.  It is not uncommon for 3 or more test results to exceed a gig of drive space.

    Does the community have any solutions to manage test results in VS 2012?


    Wednesday, May 01, 2013 1:26 PM