Team Server 2010 Foundation Source Control Check-in and Check-out synchronization


  • I am new to this and created the team server and attached our first team project.  Now when user (A) checks out an item, user (B) and user (C) do not see the item checked out.  Or if a User (B) checks in an item, user (A) and (C) do not even see the item checked in or know if there is a change in the visual studio 2010 solution explorer.  Is there some missing Synchronization missing to know when items are being worked on or not?  Or am I missing some configuration to set this up?  I've used other vaults in the pass - SourceVault and you see items check-in/check-out within 5-15 seconds but not with Team Server Foundation 2010.  Are they expecting us to manually click "refresh" button on the project level item? 


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  • This is correct ... you need to refresh before you see this.

    This is for network and scalability optimization. The Team Foundation client doesn't maintain an open connection to the server ... everything is web service based (which is also why things like TF Everywhere can work from Java). And the TF client doesn't poll the server ... this is all kinds of bad if you want to make sure that you can scale to thousands of users on a single server across a WAN environment.

    Also, keep in mind that by default, TFS allows multiple checkouts ... so another user having a file checked out won't prevent someone from checking out a file. Conflict resolution is done on checkin.

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