"Load dll exports" NOT working for VS2012


  • I've encounter a crash dump analysis involving "nvd3dum.dll" which I think is part of nvidia's display driver, and thus no symbols for it. I'd like to use the dll exports to help as much as possible.

    During the process, I've found vs2012 is not working properly against this feature .

    I happen to have a lot of debuggers installed on my win 7 sp1 x64,thus I tried:

    1 vs 2008 sp1/2010 sp1, toggle Tools->Options->Debugging->Native->Load DLL exports, and relaunch debugger session, I DID see more symbols

    2 windbg after ".ecxr;kb" it automatically make use of dll exports in this case,"ERROR: Symbols file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for nvd3dum.dll"

    3 vs 2012 update1, toggle Tools->Options->Debugging->General-> Load dll exports(Native only), (the place is changed, and seems "Enable RPC debugging" no longer exist),  no matter I relaunch the debugger session or even the devenv process, it just DOESN'T show any difference(I mean additional symbols from dll exports)

    Is it a bug or something I've missed ?

    I am a passionate game programmer.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 5:14 AM


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