Multiple Pages or Tabs User Form Code for Textbox, Combo, Checkbox and Radio Button


  • Hello,

    Please, I need help here.  I am currently working on UserForm input.  I just discovered I could use multiple pages (multi tabs) to make multiple input possible on the userform.  Please, I want my userform to permit input from 4pages.  that is 4pages on one userform... and I want textboxes, radio button, combobox, and checkbox on page1... page4 -  (I have designed that) but I want input in page1 to appear on sheet1, input in page2 to appear on sheet2 and so on.  Please I need this to automate multiple input from various departments...  say Finance, Admin, Marketing and Advertising.

    Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

    Regards, Abraham Eninla

    Sunday, June 24, 2012 8:51 AM


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