Interoperating UDP and TCP binding questions


  • Hi all,

    I know I might be in the wrong forum to ask this question but I have no luck in getting an answer from (for asking udp binding in .NET 4.5), so I like to try my luck over here.

    Basically, I have 2 services: a TCP service and within that, it has a UDP service to send multicast messages as well as to receive multicast messages.

    The TCP service is used to provide clients with the usual service interface. However, some of the "operation contract" of the TCP service will perform multicasting of messages to all connected UDP clients (sometimes including itself).

    for example:

    client side -

    TcpServiceClient proxy = new TcpServiceClient(); 
    proxy.MulticastString("This is a UDP message"); 

    Service side -

    Public void MulticastString(string udpMsg) 
       //Do some other stuff 

    How  to create and use both the TCP Service and the UDP service?

    If possible please provide a full example to works out this problem which include sending and receiving of upd messages.


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