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  • hi, i wounder if anyone could help me out of getting the length of a song, im working on a mp3 player(for fun) and it aint much without a trackbar and a label that shows the length.

    well if anyone wanna help me out, post some code :)
    Saturday, February 07, 2009 10:45 AM


  • Hi,

    MCI can be used to get the length , the article has illustrate how to use it:
    You can try the following code to get the file length.

    string str = @"D:\mus\withblank\nocturne.mp3";  
    string sCommand = "open \"" + str + "\" type mpegvideo alias MediaFile";   
    mciSendString(sCommand, null, 0, IntPtr.Zero);  //open the file
    StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder(1000);  
    mciSendString("status MediaFile Length", sb, sb.Capacity, IntPtr.Zero); //query the length of the file 

    Best regards,

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