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  • Trying to debug my net.tcp service.  I have posted in the wcf forum and no-body there seems to be able to tell my why, by default, the debugger skips over my code.  I have looked in the immediate window and when I get to a line of code that calls my net.tcp service, and I push F11 to step into it, it immediatly pops back saying stepping over non-user code xxxx .. where xxx is the name of the library I wrote.  It exists in the project #3 that I describe in the structure list below.  I am posting here because the debugger is telling me that the it is stepping over non-user code (which happens to be code I wrote, so it is very much user code)

    The structure of my solution is as follows.

    Project #1

      I have a windows forms app, it calls the web services. 

    Project #2

    I have a project that defines the IIS portion of the service, so it contains a .svc file and a web.config and bin folder.  The .svc file points to a compiled dll file in the bin folder.  This project contains a reference to project #3 so that it gets a copy of the DLLs when a build happens.

    Project #3

    There is a third project in the solution that is a WCF library project, and when it is compiled, it results in the DLL that the .svc file points to.


    I think that the reason I cannot debug the net.tcp service code has something to do with the above structure.  I could not debug with net.tcp with this structure under 2008 either. The reason it has become sort of urgent that I get debugging working is that under 2008, I could debug using my wsHTTPBinding, but now, under 2010 I cannot, and no one seems to know why that died.  Again I posted in the wcf forum and while some ideas were floated, no solution was ever arrived at.

    It does not "seem" to be a config issue since the net.tcp service actually runs fine when I don't try to debug it.  It will return the proper data from the services that are already working and don't need any debugging.

    If anyone knows what I can do to get this to work, I am more than a little desparate at this point.



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    Friday, June 11, 2010 11:12 PM


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